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My Fave Group The Who

The Who one of Britians Famous rock groups lead by
 Peter Townsend Roger Daltry John Entilwise and
 Drummer Keith Moon. one of the greatest groups one of my fave groups thats for sure




Year Title V? Genre: Concept material:
    1965 My Generation "Maximum R&B" The Who's Debut Album
    1966 A Quick One Pop Music (with a capital 'P'). Includes 10-minute "mini-opera".
    1967 The Who Sell Out Psychedelia and satire. Concept album. Also includes elements of an unfinished Rock opera called Rael.
    1969 Tommy Rock, plus some late psychedelia. Rock opera.
    1971 Who's Next Rock. Salvaged from the failed Lifehouse project.
    1973 Quadrophenia Rock. Rock opera.
    1975 The Who By Numbers Rock. Loose Concept as Pete Townshend's confessional album
    1978 Who Are You Rock. Includes a few elements of John Entwistle's unfinished Rock opera. The final album with Keith Moon on drums.
    1981 Face Dances Rock. The first album with Kenney Jones on drums.
    1982 It's Hard Rock. As of 2005, the band's final album.
    2006 WHO2 Rock. The codename for a rumored Who studio album


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